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County: Franklin

Rosalind Russell

(1907-1976) Author, screenwriter. Rosalind Russell was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and died in Beverly Hills, California.

Allan Seager

(1906-1968) Novelist. Allan Seager contracted tuberculosis and was sent to Trudeau Sanitarium in Saranac Lake, New York to recover.

Walker Percy

(1916-1990) Novelist. Walker Percy graduated from Columbia University and worked at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, New York. Percy spent time at Saranac Lake, New York recuperating from tuberculosis.

Robert William Chambers

(1865-1933) Novelist, short story writer. Robert W. Chambers was born in Brooklyn, New York and worked on his books in Broadalbin, New York as well as in New York City. He moved his family into the family estate there after his novel “In The Quarter” (1894) was published. He lived in Broadalbin for much of … Continued

Hiawatha Hiawatha

Visionary. He is said to have lived in what is now Franklin County. The subject of countless books, articles, studies and stories, Hiawatha was a Mohawk (some say Onondaga) who lived during the 1500s. His vision, along with that of Dekanawida, is the foundation for the “Great Law or the Six Nations” a governing philosophy … Continued

Margaret Widdemer

(1884-1978) Poet and novelist. Margaret Widdemer lived the last years of her life, and died, in Gloversville, New York, in 1978; she is buried in Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York.