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Visionary. He is said to have lived in what is now Franklin County. The subject of countless books, articles, studies and stories, Hiawatha was a Mohawk (some say Onondaga) who lived during the 1500s. His vision, along with that of Dekanawida, is the foundation for the “Great Law or the Six Nations” a governing philosophy to join warring tribes under one set of laws in order to achieve peace which was followed for centuries and fell during the American Revolution. He developed a language with wampum belts in order to express the existence of the Iroquois League or states of war or peace. The name and legend of Hiawatha has been misused in books such as The Myth of Hiawatha by Schoolcraft or The Song of Hiawatha by Longfellow. These are not books about Hiawatha. It is believed Joseph Brant wrote the earliest complete account on Hiawatha.

Full Name

Hiawatha Hiawatha



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Lived in the 1500s in what is now Franklin County




Great Law of the Six Nations


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