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Works & Days Quarterly

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When considering what to submit for inclusion, please keep in mind the quarterly schedule of our online publication – each issue is on display for exactly three months and subsequently archived. Accordingly, we seek content of a lasting quality (more substantial than what might be submitted to a monthly or weekly publication) and we encourage you to take full advantage of the space we have created. Selection is based on the quality of workmanship and on the fluctuating requirements/considerations unique to each issue. Each unique issue is a collection with specific, if organic, curatorial bounds within which a given piece of excellently crafted work may or may not fit. We strongly encourage you to refer to current and previous issues to get a feel for the nature of the publication before deciding what to submit. After completing the questionnaire, you must send your completed work and any relevant supplementary materials to

***NOTE: Currently seeking submissions related to the themes of time, chronometry, and anachronism. Also accepting submissions for 2015 cycle on any of the following themes: 1) navigation/mapping 2) shelter 3) light and heat. WE ALSO SEEK ESSAYS YEAR-ROUND by artists and craftsmen of every stripe on topics related to work, creative process, and craftsmanship.

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Works & Days Quarterly


New York (Manhattan)