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phati’tude: Conversations in Literature

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phati’ is a website that serves several purposes. First, “phati’tude” itself is a series of initiatives that combine the strength of traditional media with the power and reach of new media. Our phati’tude programs consist of the following initiatives: phati’tude Literary Magazine;
phati’tude Literary TV Program; VISUAL SIGNATURES; VISIONARY VOICES; and
phati’tude Language & Literary Arts. Curriculum Second, excerpts of phati’tude Literary Magazine as well as original writing, interviews, art, and other forms of creative expression are posted on a regular basis. Third, phati’ features “phati’tude online,” an informative and interactive section that is constantly being improved and updated on a weekly basis.
phati’ is continuously looking for ways to bridge both the digital and cultural divide, that’s why it’s becoming the hot new place where poets, writers, artists and aficionados of literature intersect. Become part of the conversation. Join us at

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phati'tude: Conversations in Literature


Queens (Queens)

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