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Pauline Oliveros Foundation Inc

General Information


The Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Inc. is committed to the support of all aspects of the creative process for a worldwide community of artists and was inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s philosophy that “creativity is the vital spirit of personal and public growth.” Founded in 1985 to encourage and support the creation of new work, the Foundation furthers research in arts technology and sponsors the exploration and uses of art for the education and development of human consciousness, making the results available to the public.
The artistic areas of concentration are music, literature, performance art and creative collaborations. The Foundation seeks to promote the integration of all aspects of human experience into the artistic process in a supportive and inclusive manner.
As part of an American cultural and educational rebirth, the Foundation’s goals include but are not limited to:
support of the creative process from inception to presentation;
research and development of the technology of performance and performance spaces and exploration of natural and simulated acoustic sites;
dissemination of artists’ work through editing, publication, performance, recording and distribution;
actively functioning as a central organization in an international network of artists, and for groups and individuals who support artists;
administrative, funding, advisory and moral support for individual or collaborating artists and their projects.
Ione’s personal web site is
Ione’s DREAM FESTIVAL, a Kingston City and Hudson Valley-Wide celebration cosponsored last year by The Pauline Oliveros Foundation and the City of Kingston has received an Arts and Healing Community Grant from the Institute of Noetic Sciences and The Fetzer Institute. The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a research, education and membership organization with over 50,000 members worldwide. The institute was founded by the Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. The Fetzer Institute supports research, education and service programs exploring the integral relationships among body, mind and spirit.
Ione’s Dream Festival is a Celebration of Dreams and Dreaming. It is through paying attention to our dreams that a community holds together. Dreams are a common link among peoples of all cultures, ages and walks of life. Our dreams have value. The idea is to honor them for what they are without demanding logical meaning. As we pay attention they begin to reveal more of their secrets to us. Dreams are a rich built-in source of self knowledge and as such are our deepest source of creativity.
DEEP LISTENING SPACE is a gallery and performance space owned by THE PAULINE OLIVEROS FOUNDATION, INC., and dedicated to celebrating the diversity of artists and cultures in the local and worldwide communities. We present affordable events with contributions at sliding scale for limited income, students, and seniors. We wish to foster the educational and creative growth of the culturally, physically, and financially disadvantaged as well as the general population of all age groups. We represent an ongoing creative dialogue among artists from the Hudson Valley, as well as the national and international communities.
The events offered at Deep Listening Space reflect the Foundation’s deep interest in the new work, cutting edge technology, collaborative work, and the enhancement of human kind through creative expression. Exhibits, theatrical performances, readings, concerts, symposia, workshops, and community dialogues are all a part of the activities of the space. In addition, a Sound Studio, featuring state of the art equipment will be available at affordable costs for recording projects initiated by the Foundation, as well as for community use. As renovation of the building continues, plans include creating a 75 seat black box theater and a space for showing video works and art films. The Gallery at Deep Listening Space also serves the community as a rental space for meetings and artistic events.

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Pauline Oliveros Foundation Inc


73 Broadway (Historic Roundout) PO Box 1956 Kingston, NY 12402


Ulster (The Catskills)

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(845) 338-5984