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International Women’s Writing Guild

General Information


The International Women’s Writing Guild is a network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing. As such, it has established a remarkable record of achievement in the publishing world, as well as in circles where lifelong learning and personal transformation are valued for their own sake. The Guild nurtures and supports holistic thinking by recognizing the logic of the heart-the ability to perceive the subtle interconnections between people, events and emotions-alongside conventional logic. No portfolio necessary. Membership & Benefits: Founded in 1976, The International Women’s Writing Guild is a worldwide non-profit organization open to all women, regardless of publishing or academic background. It offers its members the following services and benefits: Annual subscription to the quarterly journal, Network, containing:contests, award and publication opportunities for writers; free announcement of members’ newly-published works; free listing for members wishing to correspond with other members; news of upcoming local readings, regional workshops and conferences; online events and workshops; member news from around the world; and a list of Literary Agents, Independent Small Presses and other Writing Services. Over 4,000 books have been published by IWWG members. Additional resources include the Guild’s face-to-face network and contacts made at the IWWG’s annual Meet the Agents event, held each spring in New York City. Any woman seeking writing and kinship may initiate a Zip Code Party in her own community or neighborhood. She may offer her home, church hall or other location as a suitable meeting place. The Sophia Smith Collection: The foremost women’s history collection at Smith College is the IWWG’s archival home: For further information or e-mail or visit us at Membership is $75/year; $100 for print copies of the Network to be mailed. Non Members can sign up to be placed on our mailing list to receive monthly updates about Guild activities and events.

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International Women's Writing Guild


New York (Manhattan)

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(617) 792-7272