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Home Planet News is a 24 page newsprint literary review founded in 1979 by editor/publisher Donald Lev and his late wife, the poet Enid Dame (1943-2003). We publish 1-3 issues a year, including an eclectic mix of poetry, very short fiction, reviews of poetry and other small press books and magazines, and occasional articles on literary subjects. We also have a regular art column: “Working Art” by Staten Island artist Jenny Tango, and a column by our “foreign correspondent” Rudy Scherreiks, who pens “Notes from Abroad” frome his homes in Munich and Greece. Our regular “Magazine Rack” review, running practically as long as Home Planet News has existed is now penned by poet David Gershator from his lair in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

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Home Planet News


Ulster (The Catskills)

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(845) 687-4084