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Ether Sea Projects Inc (Litmus Press)

General Information


Literary Magazine Publication – An Annual journal of poetry and translation – Printing, production, and marketing of Aufgabe, an annual journal of poetry and writing in translation. Litmus Press is the publishing program of Ether Sea Projects, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit literature and arts organization dedicated to supporting innovative, cross-genre writing, with an emphasis on poetry, and international works in translation. We aim to foster local, national and international dialogue and interaction by presenting original writing from the United States alongside translations into English. By supporting translators, poets, and other writers, and by organizing and participating in public events, we hope to illuminate the fundamental common bond between languages and to actualize the potential lingustic, cultural and political benefits of literary exchange on the international level. We seek to provide continuing and consistently high quality venues for such exchange and discussion to ensure that our poetic communities remain open-minded and vital.

Full Name

Ether Sea Projects Inc (Litmus Press)


Kings (Brooklyn)

Phone Number

(718) 288-5530