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Birch Brook Press

General Information


Birch Brook Press is a 26-year-old publisher of handcrafted books/art of literary and popular culture interest, featuring letterpress editions produced at its own printing, typesetting, binding facility in the Catskill Mountains. BBP prints on high-grade text and cover stocks from handset classic metal typefaces, complemented by wood-mounted engravings by fine artists. Its six printing presses range from a Miehle Vertical to a Heidelberg Cylinder. BBP casts metal type on a Monotype system, and also maintains an inventory of more than 250 American Type Foundry fonts. Despite the high cost of materials and the slowness of this antique process, BBP maintains competitive prices for its books so that readers may have access to these ancient crafts in good books. BBP publishes theme anthologies, translations of classic works, books about books, fly fishing/outdoors, baseball, and performing arts.

Full Name

Birch Brook Press


Delaware (The Catskills)

Phone Number

(607) 746-7453