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Archipelago Books Inc

General Information


ARCHIPELAGO BOOKS is a not-for-profit press committed to bringing works of classic and contemporary literature from all corners of the world to our shores. In our first three years, we have brought out 22 books, translated from over a dozen languages. Archipelago was created out of the pressing need to hear diverse voices from varied literary traditions that simply aren’t being heard here. According to an NEA study, less than one percent of what is published in this country originates from beyond our borders. We are doing what we can as a press to change this reality.

Multiculturalism and multi-lingualism are inseparable. Seeking to develop a wider audience for international fiction and poetry in this country, we have been working in partnership with like-minded organizations here and abroad, hosting readings and events for our authors and translators. The community around Archipelago is growing. We are grateful for the generous support of organizations, for the enthusiasm of universities and booksellers, for the vital contributions of individual donors, and for our devoted readers. We thank you all.

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Archipelago Books Inc


Kings (Brooklyn)

Phone Number

(718) 852-6134