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Letter: U

Jerry Uelsmann

(1934-2022) Photographer, author. Jerry Uelsmann was born in Detroit, Michigan, and died in Ganinesville, Florida.

Joan Ullyot

(1940-2021) Physician, runner, author. Joan Ullyot was born in Chicago, Illinois, and died in Palo Alto, California. She lived for a time with her mother in Manhattan, New York. In addition to her books, she wrote a column for Runner’s World magazine.

Garrick Utley

(1939-2014) Television journalist. Garrick Utley was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was an anchor and foreign correspondent for NBC News for many years. He also worked for ABC News and CNN. Mr. Utley died in Manhattan, New York.

Leon Uris

(1924-2003) Novelist. Leon Uris was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and died on Shelter Island, New York, in 2003. He was the author of many popular novels.

Jean Starr Untermeyer

(1886-1970) Poet. Jean Starr Untermeyer was born in Zanesville, Ohio, and died in New York. She attended Columbia University in Manhattan, New York, and for a time, lived near Elizabethtown, New York, in the Adirondack Mountains. She was married to Louis Untermeyer.

Constance Urdang

(1922-1996) Author. Constance Urdang was born and raised in New York City, and died in Saint Louis, Missouri. Following graduation from Smith College, she worked as an editor for several New York publishers. She was the wife of poet Donald Finkel and sister of writer Laurence Urdang.