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Letter: J

Michael C. Jensen

Michael C. Jensen (1939-2024) Economist, professor, author. Michael C. Jensen was born in Rochester, Minnesota, and died in Sarasota, Florida.

Barbara Joans

Barbara Joans (1935-2024) Anthropologist, author. Barbara Joans was born in Brooklyn, New York, and died in Santa Cruz, California.

Byron Janis

Byron Janis (1928-2024) Pianist, author. Byron Janis was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, and died in Manhattan, New York.

Norman Jewison

Norman Jewison (1926-2024) Film director, producer, author. Norman Jewison was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and died at his home in Malibu, California.

Nathan Louis Jackson

(1978-2023) Playwright. Nathan Louis Jackson was born in Lawrence, Kansas, and died in Lenexa, Kansas. He was a theater and television writer.

Tom Jones

(1928-2023) Lyricist. Tom Jones was born in Littlefield, Texas, and died in Sharon, Connecticut.

Al Jaffee

(1921-2023) Cartoonist. Al Jaffee was born in Savannah, Georgia, and died in Manhattan, New York.

John Jakes

(1932-2023) Writer. John Jakes was born in Chicago, Illinois, and died in Sarasota, Florida.