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Letter: B

Ivan F. Boesky

Ivan F. Boesky (1937-2024) Financier, author. Ivan F. Boesky was born in Detroit, Michigan, and died in San Diego, California.

John Barth

John Barth (1930-2024) Writer, novelist. John Barth was born in Cambridge, Maryland, and died in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Kate Banks

Kate Banks (1960-2024) Children’s author. Kate Banks was born in Farmington, Maine, and died in Basel, Switzerland.

David Bordwell

David Bordwell (1947-2024) Historian. David Bordwell was born in Penn Yan, New York, and died in Madison, Wisconsin.

Rabbi Ellen Bernstein

Rabbi Ellen Bernstein (1953-2024) Rabbi Ellen Bernstein was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John C. Bahnsen Jr.

John C. Bahnsen Jr. (1934-2024) United States Army brigadier general, author. John C. Bahnsen Jr. was born in Albany, Georgia, and died in Rochelle, Georgia.

William Beecher

William Beecher (1933-2024) Novelist, journalist. William Beecher was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, and died in Wilmington, North Carolina.

David Bouley

David Bouley (1953-2024) Chef, author. David Bouley was born in Storrs, Connecticut, and died in Kent, Connecticut.

Niven Busch

(1903-1991) Screenwriter, novelist. Niven Busch was born in New York and died in San Francisco, California.