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County: Niagara

John Napolean Brinton Hewitt

(1859-1937) Linguist,ethnographer. Born in Lewiston, New York, the son of part Tuscarora mother and a Scottish father he grew up to be a linguist and an ethnographer for the Department of Indian Affairs. Specializing in the study of Iroquoian dialects, he contributed to the “Handbook of the American Indians North of Mexico” by Frederick Webb … Continued

William Dean Howells

(1837-1920) Novelist, critic, editor, writer. William Dean Howells was born in Martins Ferry, Ohio. After traveling in Europe as consul by Lincoln’s appointment, he worked for various periodicals; he was associated with the “Atlantic Monthly” for 15 years and later wrote the “Editor’s Study” (1886-91) and the “Easy Chair” (1900-20) of “Harper’s Magazine.” An important … Continued

Madam Catherine Montour

(c.1667-c.1753) Chief, interpreter, Indian agent. Catherine Montour was born in Three Rivers, Canada, and joined the Iroquois, either by captivity or marriage.

John O’Hara

(1905-1970) Writer, novelist. John O’Hara lived at 470 West 24th Street, Manhattan, New York. He also lived on Dune Road in Quoque, New York, in the summer of 1931.

Helen Fuller Orton

(1872-1955) Writer. Helen Fuller Orton was born in and lived in Niagara County, New York. She authored several children’s books of American colonial history and mysteries.

Fr Abram Joseph Ryan

(c.1838-1886) Poet. Father Abram Joseph Ryan was a Southerner to the core in spite of his Irish heritage and Northern upbringing, Father Ryan enlisted in the Confederate Army on September 1, 1862, and served as a chaplain , carrying the wounded to safety and performing last rites on the battlefield. His first piece of poetry … Continued