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County: Livingston

Lois Bryan Adams

(1817-1870) Writer, newspaper editor. Lois Bryan Adams was born in Moscow, New York, and died in Washington, District of Columbia.

John Cornplanter O’Bail

(1736-1836) Seneca chief, orator, treaty-composer. Was born along the Genesee River. Born along the Genesee River to a Seneca Mother and a white father (O’Bail or Abeel). A Chief who initially fought against the British, he fought alongside the British during the American Revolution. After the war he composed many treaties and was a powerful … Continued

Handsome Lake

(1735?-1815) Seneca chief, prophet, leader, storyteller, orator. “The Code of Handsome Lake/ The Gaiwiio.” Handsome Lake was born near the Genesee river in Livingston county. He was an Iroquois chief, half-brother of Cornplanter, who fought in the Revolutionary War and who went on to express a religious and social vision known as “The Code of … Continued

Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

Poet, editor, critic. Born in Mount Morris, NY. She wrote “The Door of Dreams” (1918) and “The Lifted Cup” (1921). She also was a founder of the Poetry Society of America.