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William Seaton is the author of Spoor of Desire: Selected Poems (FootHills Publishing), Tourist Snapshots (CC Marimbo), and Cold Water (Monkey’s Press). His Dada Poems from the German is forthcoming from Nirala. Seaton’s poetry, reviews, translations, and essays have recently appeared in Poetry Flash, Chiron Review, Adirondack Review, Gander Press Review, Burp, and Chronogram. An advocate of the public performance of poetry, Seaton has, throughout his life, participated in numerous events joining words with theater and visual art including work with the Cloud House poets in San Francisco during the 70s. For sixteen years, he has produced the Poetry on the Loose Reading/Performance Series in Orange County. As a critic and scholar, he has published essays on topics ranging from Afro-American oral narrative to medieval mystical poetry. He has translated ancient Greek lyrics and medieval troubadours as well as German Expressionist and dada poems. His teaching experience includes positions at Long Island and Adelphi Universities, a New York state prison, and a high school in West Africa’s Niger Delta. He directs the Poetry on the Loose Reading/Performance Series, teaches at the College of Poetry (, and posts five essays, literary and familiar, every month at

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