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(1855-1935) Writer. Sheldon C. Stoddard was born in Gilbertsville, New York. He was educated in the common school and at the Gilbertsville Academy & Collegiate Institute. After completing his education he operated a farm while at the same time he taught school. In 1882 he married Miss Frances Polley who died in 1895. In 1897 he married Miss Caroline B. Coe. Through his extensive reading and wide acquaintance he was a keen student of things economic and political. He was well known as a writer of short stories for young people. For many years he was a featured writer for the Youth’s Companion. A large number of his poems were published by the Country Gentleman. He possessed the faculty of making the simple, humble things of life teem with interest. His tales of country folk and the kindly humor of his farm poem “A Christian gentleman of the old school,” his warm sympathy and gentle courtesy endeared him to his friends and neighbors. The straightforwardness and sturdy uprightness of his character earned the respect of all with whom he came in contact. A popular collection of his short stories and poetry was published in 1940, after his death, titled “Stories and Poems by Sheldon C. Stoddard.”

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Sheldon C Stoddard



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Sheldon C. Stoddard was born in Gilbertsville, New York, on January 14, 1855.



Sheldon C. Stoddard died in Gilbertsville, New York, on December 17, 1935.



Stories And Poems By Sheldon C. Stoddard
Published in Gilbertsville, New York, in 1940.

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