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Rick Pernod is the founder and director of Exoterica, a Bronx-based literary organization that produces workshops, literary events, and Poetry at the Poor Mouth, the award-winning poetry series now in its seventh year. Most recently he was chosen by the Museum of the City of New York to produce a companion poetry series for their art exhibits. His work with Exoterica has won him fellowships from the New York Foundation of the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, and the Bronx Council on the Arts. For his own poetry, Rick Pernod has won awards from the Bronx Council on the Arts and most recently, from The Academy of American Poets. He has been a featured performer in venues from California to Prague. A new recording of his poetry, The Monkey Trap, was called “gorgeous and courageous” by Bob Holman, producer or PBS’s “The United States of Poetry.” Walt Whitman award-winning poet Judith Baumel has said, “Rick Pernod is at once a subversive and an crudite poet. His brilliant linguistic flashes and the rewarding complexity of his poems bear witness to a true talent-a poet who will be appreciated in generations to come.” Rick Pernod has work forthcoming in The Paterson Literary Review, Blind Beggar’s Anthology of Men, The American Book Review, and the 25th anniversary edition of Poetry in Performance.

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