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Patricia Eakins’s second work of fiction and first novel,The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste,Father and Mother, First and Last, was published in 1999 by New York University Press, which awarded it the NYU Press Prize for Fiction. The novel has also been awarded the Capricorn Prize of the Writer’s Voice. Shehas been awarded two creative writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and a fiction fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her work has appeared in such publications as Transgressions: the Iowa Anthology of Innovative Fiction, Fiction International, Conjunctions, Parnassus, The Race Traitor Anthology, the British anthology Storia, the French journal Sources, and The Paris Review, which awarded her the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction. In 1997, the title story of Eakins’s collection The Hungry Girls was adapted for theatre by girl + co., now known as Collision Theory. The work premiered in August, 1997 and was revived for the New York Fringe Festival in August 1998. Eakins is currently working on her second novel, on a revival of the performance piece “Trace Memory” which she wrote for multimeda artist Elizabeth Austin in 1992, and on the development of her forthcoming on-line journal Frigate: A Transverse Review. She invites you to visit her web site
TITLE OF BOOK: The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste, Father and Mother, First and Last. Fiction. Cloth only. ISBN: 0-8147-2209-1 PUBLISHER: New York University Press, 838 Broadway, Third Floor, New York, NY 10003-4812. Tel. (212) 998-2575. Fax (212) 995-3833.

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Patricia Eakins



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"Hungry Girls and Other Stories"

In 1997 "The Hungry Girls" was adapted for theatre by girl + co., now known as Collision Theory.



"The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste: Father and Mother, First and Last"
New York University Press

"The Marvelous Adventures of Pierre Baptiste" was Eakin's first novel and was awarded the NYU Press Prize for Fiction.

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