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Nancy Agabian is a writer and performance artist. She has been published most recently in such diverse publications as Wellesley (the Wellesley College alumnae magazine), Gynomite: Fearless Feminist Porn (nominated for a Firecracker Alternative Book award) and Birthmark: A Bilingual Anthology of Armenian-American Poetry, in which her poems written in English were translated into Armenian. Also a teacher, she led a series of very popular writing and performance workshops to adults called Writing to Perform the Truth at Beyond Baroque in Venice, California, for over five years. She has written and performed several autobiographical solo pieces which appeared in prominent performance art venues in Los Angeles. A recent transplant to New York City, she is currently a candidate for an MFA in Nonfiction at Columbia University. She is writing a memoir about her Armenian-American family, including her paternal grandmother, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

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Nancy Agabian


New York

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Nancy Agabian was born in Walpole, Massachusetts, in 1968.



Birthmark: A Bilingual Anthology of Armenian-American Poetry

Agabian's poems that were written in English were translated into Armenian for this book.



Princess Freak
Beyond Baroque Books, 681 Venice Boulevard, Venice, California 90291; phone: 310-822-3006; fax: 310-827-7432.
A collection of autobiographical poems, stories and performance texts, which documents the coming-of-age a shy, funny, bisexual Armenian-American woman who flees working-class Walpole, Massachusetts for Los Angeles. Books can also be ordered through Small Press Distribution, 341 Seventh Street, Berkeley, California 94710-1409; phone: 510-524-1668, 800-869-7553 (Toll-free within the US) Fax: 510-524-0852,



Gynomite: Fearless Feminist Porn

This book was nominated for a Firecracker Alternative Book award.



Nancy Agabian received an M.F.A. from Columbia University, School of the Arts, Writing Division, in 2003.

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