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Alex Mueck is the author of, Myth Man, and The Account.

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Mr Alex Mueck



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The Account
Novel, thriller, mystery.



Myth Man
Novel, thriller/mystery/serial killer. Wall Street Reviews for Myth Man: ForeWord Clarion Review - Four Stars (out of Five) Mueck has crafted an engaging and well-paced mystery with a lead detective who's under no illusions about himself or what others think of his physical appearance. Humor is threaded throughout the novel, never too much or too little, and always in service of the story. The scenes with his mother���particularly when they're discussing his upcoming blind date���breathe with life and realism. All the characters are three-dimensional and their actions follow clearly established motivations. The story follows a logical progression and the reader is never hoodwinked. All the information is there for the keen-minded reader to follow, along with the red herrings of misdirection that are vital to a well-told mystery. Mueck has done his homework well. Mueck certainly has entertaining stories yet to tell. He could very well be a name to watch in the future. Sacramento Book Review



San Francisco Book Review - Four Stars (out of five) A thriller steeped in both criminal and moral trespasses, Myth Man is something of a rarity, offering an intellectual battleground, as well as a lawful one. While the villainous Myth Man is cunning and brutal, he also makes a valid point about the dangers of organized religion, leaving any reader, no matter what religious background, with thought-provoking questions, like "how far is too far?" While having a police detective on the outs with most of the department is nothing new to fiction, Dominick is an engaging outcast, overweight and wholly devoted to his mother, yet blessed with an ability to see connections that elude most of his comrades. Dominick is decidedly human in a genre populated by supermen, and his struggles with both the case and his fellow officers help separate Myth Man from the pack. Near the end of the book, the twists (and untwists) come fast and furious, abandoning the slower investigative style for a more breakneck tension-driven narrative, and for the most part, the story concludes nicely. I hope there are more Dominick Presto cases to come.

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