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Michael Coffey was raised in the small hamlet of Saranac in upstate New York. His father was a correction officer at Clinton Correctional Facility (Dannemora) and his mother a registered nurse in Plattsburgh. He graduated from Saranac Central High School in 1972, and received a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame (1976) and an M.A. in Anglo-Irish Literature from Leeds University (1977). He has worked in publishing in New York City since 1978, and is currently vice-president and co-editorial director at Publishers Weekly. He has published three books of poems and co-edited The Irish in America, a book on Irish immigration that was a companion to a PBS documentary called “The Long Journey Home.” He has also published a book about baseball, 27 Men Out: Baseball’s Perfect Games (Atria, 2004). Recent work has appeared in the New England Review and Conjuctions magazine.

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Michael Coffey



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Michael Coffey was raised in Saranac, New York.



Coffey has worked in New York City's publishing industry since 1978.



87 North
Coffee House Press, 27 North Fourth Street, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55401;
About which Bill McKibben says, "I've lived in New York City, and I've lived in the Adirondacks, and so can say that Michael Coffey understands both these marvels in some deep way. Understands them so well he can distill their essence, drip their meaning out like water through a percolator, each drop full of bitter flavor. With this book he becomes a poet laureate of the Empire State, and of a much wider and more unbounded realm as well."

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