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Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) is a writer, editor, small press publisher, and Turtle Islander. His poems and essays have been published online and in print. He is resident poet at axis of He teaches haiku, brush calligraphy, and balancing East-West. Mankh edits the yearly Haiku Calendar and is author/editor of the book Haiku One Breaths, and others. He also helps authors self-publish. Mankh enjoys nature, listening to music, learning about various spiritual traditions, and keeping up with world news and cultural trends. His literary website:

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Mankh (Walter E Harris III)



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Poems and Essays

Poems and essays published online and in journals/magazines/anthologies: Long Island Pulse; Paumanok: Poems and Pictures of Long Island; Long Island Sounds; Frogpond; Performance Poets Association Literary Review;;,, and others. Also, 2nd place - 2011 poetry contest.

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