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19th century playwright, novelist, and editor. Born in Brooklyn. He had little formal education, but learned to be a printer through practical experience gained before he was 20. From 1862 to 1865 he served as a private in the Union Army, and at the end of the Civil War got a job in a New York publishing house. His efforts to establish his own publishing business in 1872 failed. From 1876 to 1893 he was a member of the editorial staff of the New York Herald and from 1897 to 1899 was with Colliers Weekly. His great success was the humorous book “Helens Babies” (1876), the inspiration for it coming from close observation of the pranks and mishaps of his own boys. Habberton lived in New Rochelle.

Full Name

John Habberton



Author's Timeline



Lived in New Rochelle, NY



Born in Brooklyn, NY


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