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(1820-1869) Born in Lima, New York (Livingston County), but lived in New York City. He worked for the “Tribune” and gained further experience editing the respectable, old-fashioned, political “Courier and Enquirer.” He eventually perceived that there was an opening for a type of newspaper which should stand midway between Greeley, the moralist and reformer, and Bennett, the cynical, non-moral news-monger. Raymond was able to interest friends in raising the hundred thousand dollars which he thought essential to the success of his enterprise. This sum of money is significant of the development of American daily journalism, for Greeley had started the “Tribune” only ten years earlier with a capital of one thousand dollars, and Bennett had founded the “Herald” with nothing at all. ( Founder and Editor of New York Times, Lieutenant Governor of New York (1855-1856), U.S. Congressman (1865-1867).

Full Name

Henry Jarvis Raymond


New York

Author's Timeline



Lived in New York City, NY



Born in Lima, NY



Raymond died in New York City in 1869.

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