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Harvey Havel has been a short-story writer and novelist for over thirty years. His first novel, Noble McCloud, A Novel, about a young, struggling musician was published in November of 1999. He now has nineteen books which include novels, short stories, and two collections of essays on current affairs and political matters. His latest book is a serialized novel, The Queen of Intelligence: A 9/11 Novel, has just been released through Kindle Vella on in 2021. Havel is formerly a Lecturer in English at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey. He also taught writing and literature at SUNY Albany and the College of Saint Rose, also in Albany, New York. He currently lives there with his pet cat, Marty, and has many more books in store for his many fans in future. Copies of his books and short stories, both new and used, may be purchased at, Barnes &,, or at your favorite local bookstore. An excellent interview with Harvey Havel by Robert Nagle of Personville Press in Katy, Texas, can be found at Imaginary His readers are encouraged to leave their honest comments about his work anywhere his fine books are sold.

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Harvey Havel



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Noble McCloud, A Novel
First Amendment Press International Company.
Noble McCloud is a twenty-seven year-old, college graduate who lives with his father in a wealthy New Jersey suburb. He avidly listens to music. It's the only thing he does, and while doing so he transports himself to warmer climates with warmer women. Although the town is wealthy, he lives with his father in a relatively poor section. He is jobless and broke, until one afternoon, while daydreaming about heading West, he decides to pick up the electric guitar and make it as a professional musician.



The Imam, A Novel
First Amendment Press International Company.
Currently Shia Islam has many sects, and legend also has it that the current Imam is represented by an open and visible leader, or bavasaab. This story puts such a relationship between the current underground Imam and his visible representative into modern context. The Imam is a fictitious account of the events preceding the Twelfth Imam's rebirth and the life he lives afterwards.



Freedom Of Association
To get back into the good graces of his publisher and escape his threadbare existence as an old-school poet living in the ghetto of a New Jersey city, Preston Whitcomb agrees to mentor a young street-wise slam poet, Claude Carolina, who has the potential to rise to the top of the professional poetry world in nearby New York City. Preston then persuades his beautiful and successful ex-wife, Amanda Larson, to tutor Claude in the art of writing traditional poetry at the college where she teaches, but when Claude begins to fall in love with her, Preston has no choice but to walk the fine line between his exploitation of black genius and his conscious struggle for racial harmony and social equality.



From Poets to Protagonists
From Poets to Protagonists: Fiction from the Hudson Valley Poetry Scene Featuring the Poets as Main Characters is a literary collection of short stories that depicts some of New York���s most well-known downstate poets and artists whom the author has had the privilege of reading with at many popular coffee houses, libraries, and cultural centers throughout his earlier years as a traveling writer in the Hudson Valley. These stories range in genre from general-interest fiction and science fiction to expository essay and short character sketches. These stories are accessible to all connoisseurs of strong, complex characters that portray the very real lives of these poets through Harvey Havel���s highly imaginative fictional lens. His skillfully-crafted narratives serve as the backdrop for the presence of these fine poets on the page. The poets in this selection include (in order of appearance): William Seaton Patricia Seaton George Nitti Bill Perry Sarah Morr Bonnie Law Christopher Wheeling Kevin Larkin Angioli Will Nixon Donald Lev Ingeborg Ken Van Rensselaer Phillip Levine Laura Ludwig Lonshein Robert Milby Ted Gill Jane Gill Roberta Gould Teresa Marta Costa.



Harvey Havel taught writing and literature at SUNY Albany and the College of Saint Rose, also in Albany, New York.



Harvey Havel lives in Albany, New York.



The Queen of Intelligence: A 9/11 Novel
Kindle Vella on

Serialized novel.

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