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Van Zant is Director of one of the oldest alternative schools in the country, The Greenhouse, in Rockville Centre, New York. He’s been awarded Honorary Lifetime Member by the NYPTA and Teacher of Excellence by NYSEC. At George Washington University, where he earned a scholarship as a pitcher, he was named University Poet in 1983. Poetry Editor for Sport Literate, Van Zant was Poetry Coordinator at Hofstra University for the Babe Ruth, Frank Sinatra, and Moby-Dick Conferences, and at Long Island University for the Jackie Robinson Conference. He has published over 400 individual poems in many magazines including Poet Lore, Yankee, The Prose Poem, English Journal, QAE, Pearl, Negative Capability, Free Lunch and has been featured poet in Potpourri, The Windless Orchard, The Listening Eye, The Chicago Reader, and Chiron Review. Van Zant won awards for poems from C. W. Post University, The Listening Eye, English Journal, Devil’s Millhopper and Live Poets Society, fellowships from Council for Basic Education, Poets & Writers, and the NEH, earned semifinalist at Discovery/The Nation, and several Pushcart Prize nominations. His published works are Climbing Daddy Mountain from Pudding House Press (2000) and The Lives of the Two-Headed Baseball Siren from Kings Estate Press (2000).

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Frank N Van Zant



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Climbing Daddy Mountain
Pudding House Press.



The Lives of the Two Headed Baseball Siren
Kings Estate Press.



Van Zant is Director of The Greenhouse, in Rockville Centre, New York.

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