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Eric Nelson is an emerging writer originally from New Jersey, the son of a nurse and machinist. He has written for publications such as “Constellation” and “Zine World” and wrote the zine series “The Silk City Series,” which is now a book of short stories from Knickerbocker Circus Publishing. He can usually be found laughing loudly at something inappropriate. He lives in Queens and he loves it.

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Eric Nelson



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The Silk City Series
Knickerbocker Circus Publishing.
The Silk City Series pulls readers into the everyday lives of working-class residents of Paterson, New Jersey. Originally published serially in Nelson���s acclaimed zine���Silk City Series���this collection presents a diverse cross-section of characters based on the author���s own childhood neighbors. The stories capture a post-industrial city in a state usually not known for its beauty. In the heart of a city, where wealth lies in the surrounding suburbs, neighbors live on top of each other. Families struggle to stick together. Most find solace in each other. And the city, a character in itself, changes all who reside in its boundaries.



Eric Nelson lives in Queens, New York.

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