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David Krajicek, a native Nebraskan, is an author and journalist based in the Catskill Mountains of New York and the Gulf Coast. He is considered a national expert on true crime. A former newspaperman, he contributes The Justice Story, a true crime feature, to the New York Daily News. His latest book, Murder, American Style (News Ink Inc. Books, 2010), includes 50 true stories about relationship murders–love gone wrong. Another true crime book, True Crime: Missouri (Stackpole Books), is due out in 2011. Krajicek’s first book was Scooped! Media Miss Real Story on Crime While Chasing Sex, Sleaze, and Celebrities (Columbia University Press), an unblinking nonfiction account of crime, media tabloidization and America’s failed crime policies. His fiction story, Sutphin Blvd., is featured in Outerboroughs, an anthology of crime stories published by White Fish Press of New York. Another of his works of fiction, Bluefish, was selected for the premiere of Literally Speaking, an Albany program featuring actors reading short stories to a live audience. Krajicek was a professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in the 1990s before returning to writing full time. He has written for many newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Newsday, The Manchester (UK) Guardian, The Village Voice and Mother Jones. He has appeared on dozens of radio and television news programs, including the BBC, the CBC’s “Sunday Morning,” “Paula Zahn” on the Fox News Channel and NPR’s “On the Media.” He was a regular panelist on Metro Week in Review on Channel 13 in New York. Krajicek has spoken on C-SPAN, at the Poynter Institute, the Newseum, and at many journalism conventions, including those of the Radio and Television News Directors Association, Criminal Justice Journalists, and the National Association of News Designers, among many others.

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David J Krajicek



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Scooped: Media Miss Real Story on Crime While Chasing Sex, Sleaze, and Celebrities
Columbia University Press.
Nonfiction / memoir; an unblinking look at crime, criminal justice and the media.



Sutphin Blvd.
White Fish Press.

Fiction anthology, a gritty story about a Queens mother struggling to maintain her dignity during the crack scourge.



David Krajicek has a home in Delaware County, New York.



Murder, American Style: 50 Unforgettable Stories of Love Gone Wrong
New Ink Inc.




True Crime: Missouri

True Crime / Nonfiction; stories about a dozen infamous Missouri crimes and criminals.

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