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Christina Starobin is an international award winning poet, writer and lecturer living in upstate New York. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard (cum laude), an MA from Columbia and a PhD from NYU. In 1982 her poem “All over the world” won a Duncan Lawrie award from Sotheby’s International Poetry competition (35 awards out of 33,000 entries) and her poem was also included in an anthology put together by one of the judges 10 years later alongside Whitman, Byron, Shelley, Robert Burns and Paul McCartney and John Lennon (The Orchard Book of Poems, Chosen by Adrian Mitchell, Orchard Books, Great Britain, 1993, ISBN 1-85213-316-3). She is currently a lecturer on Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass & Drumtaps for the New York Council on Humanities, and can perform poetry along with her voice group which does satiric pieces, as well as read her own work. Souvenirs from the Bog, her epic poem about working for a multi-national, and Who Can Come to America?, her epic poem about Ellis Island and immigration, form the basis for interesting readings, as well as her work as a professional puppeteer, and her thesis “Cooper’s Critters: Animals in the Leatherstocking Tales” incorporates Cooper’s background as one of the first conservationists (Cooper wrote about clubbing seals 150 years ago).

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Christina Starobin


New York

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Souvenirs from the Bog




Who Can Come to America?
Spectrum Press of Chicago.
Can be ordered through Dr. Starobin for $10 each.



Christina Starobin has an MA from Columbia University and a PhD from New York University.



Directing Puppet Theatre Step By Step
Resource Publications, Inc., 10 East Virginia Street #290, San Jose, California 95112-5848.
0-89390-126-1; ISBN-13: 978-0893901264

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