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Catie Rosemurgy’s work has appeared in such places as Ploughshares, Michigan Quarterly Review, Verse, Poetry Northwest, and Cream City Review. Her poems have also been anthologized in The Best American Poetry 1997 and American Poetry the Next Generation, from Carnegie Mellon University Press. Her first poetry collection, My Favorite Apocalypse, was published in June 2001 by Graywolf Press. She teaches creative writing at Northwest Missouri State University where she also co-edits The Laurel Review. Author is happy to either provide books for readings or have host curator order books from publisher.

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Catie Rosemurgy



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My Favorite Apocalypse
Graywolf Press: Saint Paul Minnesota.
Poetry. Graywolf Press, 2402 University Avenue, #203, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114; Phone: 651-641-0077; Fax: 651-641-0036; Website:

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