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Bill Munster was born in Manhattan, New York, then moved to Long Island where he attended high school. Later, he moved upstate where his father served as a Methodist minister in Tannersville, New York. Bill earned a BS degree in education from SUNY New Paltz, and an MA degree in Journalism from Vermont College. He is currently a teacher of high school English in Hunter-Tannersville Central Schools. When not teaching, Bill writes. He also has a small press and publishes his own magazine, Footsteps, which he’s been doing for nearly 20 years. He’s also published chapbooks by such writers as Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Vincent Price, Richard Matheson and others. The current issue of Footsteps is devoted exclusively to poems about movies. The magazine is advertised in “Poets and Writers.” His magazine was nominated for a Balrog award several years ago. For three years he contributed to the high school magazine, “Literary Cavalcade” (Scholastic Pub.). His monthly articles were writing prompts for students to use in their journals. His writings have appeared in “USA Today,” “Book”, “NYSUT Newsletter,” “Gauntlet,” “Games,” “Sci Fi,” “Night Cry,” “Twilight Zone,” “Stephen King’s Castle Rock,” “Crimebeat,” and was a runner up in a poetry contest sponsored by “English Journal” magazine. He’s also appeared in various collections of essays. He loves to discuss writing, especially non-fiction writing and how to run a small press magazine, as well as journal writing. Bill has taught numerous poetry writing workshops on using various prompts to inspire ideas.

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Bill Munster


New York

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Bill Munster was born in Manhattan, New York.



Sudden Fear: The Horror and Dark Suspense Fiction of Dean R. Koontz
Starmont, Washington.

A collection of essays on writer Dean Koontz.



The Dean Koontz Companion
Berkeley Publishing, New York.
0425141357; ISBN-13: 9780425141359
Nonfiction; a complete look at the works of Dean Koontz.



Discovering Dean Koontz
Borgo Publishing, California.
1557421447; ISBN-13: 9781557421449



Bill Munster is currently a teacher of high school English in Hunter-Tannersville Central Schools.

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