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(1874-1938) Writer, journalist, collector. Born in Puerto Rico, he came to New York City in 1891. An essayist, he is responsible for collecting thousands of books, manuscripts, etchings and drawings, which in 1926 was purchased by the New York Public Library for $10,000. He was later appointed curator of his own collection at the 135th St. Branch. He helped to organize the Two Antilles Club, and was an activist in nationalist groups for Cuba and Puerto Rico. He owned one of the world’s largest collection of African-American art, prints, etc., and he led to the creation of A.A. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City. He wrote numerous articles in journals and newspapers.

Full Name

Arthur A Schomburg


New York

Author's Timeline



Schomburg was born in Puerto Rico.



Came to New York City, NY



Came to New York City, NY


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