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Annabel Lee is the author of Basket (Accent Editions, 2012), a selection of her own poems, and At the Heart of the World (O Press, 1978), a selection of poems by Blaise Cendrars that she translated from the French. She has also translated poems by Robert Walser from the German. Travel and language are key aspects of her life and she has studied Italian, Spanish and Russian as well. Some poems from her Cendrars translation (“Au Coeur du Monde,” “La Ventre de ma Mere” and “Tu es plus belle que le Ciel et la Mer”) have been set to music by American composer Garrett List as cantatas and in other musical forms. Her poetry, prose and essays have been published in Dodgems, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Saturday Morning, Exquisite Corpse, and in over 50 other magazines and in books. As publisher of Vehicle Editions she has worked with Jayne Anne Phillips, Christopher Knowles, Alex Katz, Richard Hell, Michael Lally, Roberta Allen, Rudy Burckhardt, Barbara Guest, Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard and many other artists and writers. In some cases she published the writer’s first fiction, in some cases she did the letterpress printing and hand bookbinding herself and taught apprentices and in all cases she worked collaboratively and closely with all those involved in the projects. In music Annabel Lee is living a legacy, having learned a repertoire of songs from her aunt, Hally Wood, who learned most of those songs first hand while doing field recordings for the Library of Congress. Annabel Lee has brought these songs to a wider audience at many venues including Passim’s in Cambridge, Mass., at Jalopy in Brooklyn, at Hobofest in Saranac Lake, New York and at the Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville, North Carolina, among many other venues. She has her Master of Arts in Education from Montclair State University. At Sarah Lawrence College and at the State University of New York, where she earned her B.A., she majored in writing and literature. Publisher, editor, proofreader, writer, educator, musician, mom, Annabel Lee is currently working as a medical editor for Grey Advertising. Among her prior positions she was the Executive Director of Marketing for Terra Holdings (Brown Harris Stevens, Halstead Property Company, as well as other divisions) where she wrote, designed and produced in-house marketing materials and hired and supervised staff. She also served as Production Manager for Aperture Foundation where she worked with photographers and with overseas printers on-press maintaining quality control and exceptional reproduction standards. She has exhibited as a collage artist and watercolorist and has taught workshops in book and paper crafts.

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Annabel Lee



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At the Heart of the World, Translations of a selection of poems by Blaise Cendrars
O Press - no ISBN that I am aware of, publisher no longer active
OCoLC (Online Computer Library Center number) 768011062
The poems in this collection were written between 1912 and 1924, after which time Cendrars stopped writing poetry. Cendrars was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1887 and invented his life as well as his art. With Guillaume Apollinaire and Max Jacob, he was a pioneer of modernist literature. Cendrars was a poet, novelist and adventurer, he was the eternal stranger, constantly in movement and felt at home everywhere and nowhere. Some poems from this translation ("Au Coeur du Monde," "La Ventre de ma Mere" and "Tu es plus belle que le Ciel et la Mer" have been set to music by American composer Garrett List as cantatas and in other musical forms.



Accent Editions
"Still-life miniatures of a poet���s feelings compressed to tell mostly the motion of her body in love (or not). The environment appears impressionistically only when the world bothers the body���s moves. The form is almost haiku, the dance almost kabuki." - Andrei Codrescu "A charming collection of quotidian objects these poems, both hints and headlines of observation, fact and ���landslides of my emotional career.��� Basket gathers and distributes winningly the particulars of a life of flux and imagination". ��� Anne Waldman

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